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Mini Drone Rox M23

Drone Rox M23
Drone ini mudah disimpan dan dibawa karena ukuran yang mini. Sudah dibekali banyak fitur, beberapa fitur tersebut di antaranya adalah double camera, optical flow positioning, dan double flip.



BenSon Drone Fly Mini Pro Brushless Drone

Spesifikasi :

Pressure Sensor : Height setting
Positioner:Optical flow positioning
Motor :1503 Brushless motor
Image transmission receiving method:2.4 Wifi
Lithium Battery:3.7v 2000mAh
Control distance :200m
Flight time:About 15 mins
Charging time : About 1 Hours
Camera Pixel:4K Camera
Camera lens Adjustable Camera By transmitter90″
Frame rate 25 fps


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