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TokNav T20Pro


Linux Intelligent System
Qualcomm Cortex-A7 + Linux, the intelligent system
platform, brings efficient computing and unlimited
expansion of product functions to users

Multi Constellation
With its 1408 channels, T20Pro provides an excellent on
board real time navigation solution with high accuracy. All
SBAS) are included

Adjustable Power
T20Pro has internal radio of adjustable power of 1W/ 5W,
and works as base station at 5W power. The transmission
distance can reach to maximum 16KM when working in
the open area

Combinned Antena
The new four in one antenna integrates GNSS, WIFI,
Bluetooth and 4G, with smaller volume and better signal

4G Modem
T20Pro has an internal 4G Modem that operates with more cellular network signals, a
fast internet connection is guaranteed

Long Endurance
Built in high-capacity lithium battery ensures continuous working time of more than 20
hours under normal operation

IP 68 Design
Industrial design, solid magnesium alloy shell, in line with IP68 design requirements,
safe and reliable





GPS Geodetic / GNSS RTK

T20Pro is a high-performance GNSS receiver that provides an
easy-to-use solution for users. TOKNAV T20Pro supports the
original tilt compensating GNSS solution. Multi constellation and
frequency tracking always guarantee a fixed solution for your job.
LCD display screen can make your operation faster and easier.
T20Pro built-in 5W radio allows users to have a longer working
distance, up to 16KM in open areas, The durable IP68 design
makes it possible to work in extreme environments


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