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Elitekorps P6

Full (P6) dilengkapi dengan mesin pencitraan AI penuh warna dengan cahaya sangat redup yang dikembangkan sendiri oleh DEEPTHINK, “Zhiying ®AI ISP”, yang dapat menghasilkan pencitraan penglihatan malam penuh warna dengan definisi tinggi yang melampaui tingkat cahaya bintang. Ini banyak digunakan di kepolisian, siaran langsung penglihatan malam dan skenario lainnya.


Product Advantages

  • Dual use day and night, capable of full color imaging under extremely low illumination
  • No obvious dragging of moving objects in nighttime scenes
  • 1080P ultra clear image quality at night
  • Supports dynamic strong light suppression
  • 5-inch full view LCD touch screen
  • Support for taking photos, recording, and storing
  • Small size, light weight, and easy portability
  • Supports Android mobile apps to link devices through WiFi
  • Support for external 4G image transmission devices through HDMI
  • Support mobile handheld or tripod fixed point installation
  • Standard E interface, supporting lens replacement


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